:: David Jackson

David Jackson is probably best known as the saxophonist, flautist from Van der Graaf Generator.

VdGG’s single ‘Theme One’ and the album ‘Pawn Hearts’ were international hits in 1972.

Since then, David has worked with Peter Gabriel, Keith Tippett, Jakko Jakszyk, Peter Hammill and Fish - plus a host of Italian Bands: most particularly Osanna from Napoli. In recent years he has collaborated with David Cross, where he met the marvelous Mick Paul on the sessions for Cross & Jackson’s 2018 ‘Another Day’ album. Then followed stints of illuminating touring with The David Cross Band. David is delighted to be playing his first loves - flute and whistle - on the track ‘Swallows’: inspired by the swooping flights from the keys (Sheila Maloney) and the tortuous landscapes and seas thrown up by the stunning rhythm section (Mick Paul & Steve Roberts).

Whilst recording this track on a beautiful May day (Lockdown 2020), soaring swallows were whirling around his Suffolk garden sharing with him their brief annual parallel lives!

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