:: Sheila Maloney

Sheila is a progressive rock keyboardist and pianist who also is a composer and has worked in wide range of different genres.

She worked with the David Cross Band, writing and co-producing tracks on the first three albums.

Around the same time she also worked with Geoff Serle in the ambient improvisatory Radius and Sonicphonics studio projects.

Her composing work includes a series of backing tracks for videos and a range of different library tracks as well as work on dance projects.

While singing with the Crouch End Festival Chorus she performed on the Glastonbury Pyramid stage with Ray Davies, and has also performed with Oasis, Ennio Morricone, Serge Gainsbourg, and recorded with Murray Gold.

Having spent some time working on her own music she teamed up with Mick Paul to create the keyboard parts for his album and became very much involved in the development and production for this as the project continued. Her personal philosophy that there is no "one style" but that every part should be unique and different has led to a quirky but intelligent contribution to overall feel to the album and to some interesting conversations!

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