:: Jinian Wilde

Jinian Wilde is a Singer / Songwriter from the UK with over 40 years of vocal experience.

With success in the mainstream “Pop” charts globally with both Uniting Nations in 2004 (Out of Touch & You and Me) and also the Space Cowboy release of the Prince classic “I Would Die 4U” in 2002, in 2007 he decided to go in a different musical direction and joined the Progressive Rock outfit “The David Cross Band” (Ex King Crimson violinist).

JInian is still the band's vocalist to this day (2020) and in 2019 he was asked to take on vocal and songwriting duties with the Polish progressive rock band “Believe

As Mick has played and toured extensively with him in the David Cross Band, Jinian was the first choice for many of the vocal tracks on the album and is also part of the recently formed band, ‘The Fae’.

Jinian is currently enjoying life in Sweden writing, recording, mixing and producing a variety of different genres of music with musicians from around the world.

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