:: Steve Roberts

Steve is fast becoming an in-demand drummer with international renown.

Steve has recorded and played live for The David Cross Band, with Andy Tillison's The Tangent, the hybrid band TANGEKANIC, (a collaboration of The Tangent and Scandinavian prog band Karmakanic) founded by bassist and keyboardist Jonas Reingold, who is currently the touring bassist with Steve Hackett. Steve Roberts is also part of the recently formed band, ‘The Fae’.

As well as sessions/tours of the UK, Europe and the USA, Steve's previous involvements have been with Magenta, Godsticks, (drums/keyboards) and even a one-off live album featuring ELP's Keith Emerson.

All of these experiences have all helped cement Steve's place as a respected player in the progressive rock world.

Steve is a DREAM CYMBALS artist.

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