:: Mick Paul

Mick Paul is an established bass player, and has played both session and live bass with many high-profile acts.

Mick's original influences were Yes, King Crimson, Frank Zappa and Chick Corea.

During a career going back to the 1970’s Mick has played with many established artists and done numerous tours and tv sessions.

He started writing his own material around 1984 with mixed success, it wasn’t until he joined the David Cross band in 1995 that he found his feet as a writer.

In 2015 during the recording of the Cross/Jackson album Another Day with Craig Blundell that he found there was a lot of material that was very personal to him and that felt more cohesive when put together in a solo project rather than as band ideas. Mick worked closely with Paul Clark and Craig Blundell on the initial tracks and later on as the album developed found that Sheila Maloney, the original David Cross band keyboardist, was instrumental in producing and setting the ambience for the later tracks

Mick has also toured Europe with Mr Big vocalist Eric Martin and is also part of the recently formed band, ‘The Fae’.

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